New About Us

Arzu Immigration Ltd. is an innovative immigration consulting firm which strives to provide the best possible immigration services to our clients. Built on high moral standards and immense integrity, Arzu Immigration Ltd. has built a solid foundation on which to continue to grow as a company, while ensuring we do not lose sight of our values.
We counsel clients looking to immigrate to Canada by exploring all avenues available to them courtesy of the Canadian immigration system. Canada, along with its Provinces and Territories, have various different streams that individual’s may utilize and we provide an in-depth analysis based upon the clients’ experience and education to help determine which stream will be the most effective and efficient.

Our Motivation

Born to immigrant parents and growing up in the small town of Nanaimo, Sukhjit experienced the difficulties of both, the immigration process as well as, growing up in an immigrant household. Frustrated and defeated, Sukhjit’s own experience with the immigration process resulted in her fiery passion to help others avoid the same hardships. Through her experiences, Sukhjit became determined to become an immigration consultant in order to help other immigrants smooth out their own learning curves in a foreign country.

Our Clients

At Arzu, our first priority is always finding the best option for our clients.  We understand immigration is often a frustrating and intimidating process and we are here to help.  We assist clients with their Work Permits, Permanent Residency, Study Permits, Visitor Visas applications. We are here to answer any other questions tour clients may have regarding the immigration process. Our devotion to our clients is unparalleled, we are easily accessible at all times.

Arzu is much more than an immigration consulting firm, when you choose Arzu, you choose to become a member of the Arzu family. We work vigorously and diligently for our clients while working transparently.  Arzu keeps their clients informed through each step of the process meaning there is no confusion throughout the immigration process.

How We Help

Having helped many clients through the immigration process, Arzu is able to provide our clients with personalized advice for their individual scenarios.  We are able to walk our clients through the different options available to them step-by-step and provide them with expert advice for which options would be best to explore.

With our experienced staff, Arzu will break down the process for our clients beforehand, and ensure our clients know exactly what the process entails before making a commitment.